CFPB Files Opposition and any Cross-Motion

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  1. ND  September 6, 2013

    According to Morgan Drexen, the CFPB is seeking thousands of personally identifiable documents of Pisinski’s bankruptcy clients. The sought-after information includes names, addresses, phone numbers, amount of debt owed, source(s) and amount of income, creditors (including banks, medical service providers and non-secured loans), and other financial obligations (including utilities, car insurance, rent, mortgage and child support).

    The CFPB is also requesting details of when clients talked to their attorney, for how long, the medium of communication, all attorney notes, the amount paid for the attorney’s services, and the nature of the client’s engagement with the attorney – which itself is privileged information

  2. Jeff  September 10, 2013

    Another government agency running amok. This agency was supposed to guard our economy. Can you really expect a governmental regulator who has never had a job in the private sector to understand our economy?


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